PFC Consulting on how to help restaurants boost their revenues

PFC Consulting on how to help restaurants boost their revenues

May 11, 2020 Off By Leoratte

What is a dark kitchen?

The term “dark kitchens” is used to refer to a menu to a menu that is prepared in an existing kitchen or restaurant and the food items in this menu can be only ordered using a delivery service. These kitchens are also called cloud kitchens, virtual concepts, or ghost kitchens. Some of the popular delivery services for these kitchens are Deliveroo, Ubereats, and Justeat.

Many of the restaurants which are listed on the delivery service do not have any outlet in the area where customers can personally order food, they only have a ghost kitchen.

Why are ghost kitchens becoming popular?

There is a lot of competition in the hospitality business, especially for food preparation. Hence business owners are always looking for options to maximize their profit. Also, property rentals are a major expense for restaurants and hotels. Opening a ghost kitchen is one of the easiest ways a business can maximize its profit without investing a large amount in cooking equipment and supplies.

Many restaurants are getting a majority of their customers for lunch and dinner, there are few orders in between. Taking additional orders through a delivery service is a quick and cost-effective way the food preparation business can maximize its profit.

How can a business get more information on ghost kitchen?

Pheby Food Concepts (PFC) Group Ltd. specializes in restaurant management and franchise consultancy founded by Des Pheby in 2008. PFC Consulting is the consultancy arm of the business specializing in food-related businesses, specializing in franchises, reviewing the operations, and payroll outsourcing.

 With delivery services become increasingly popular, many food preparation businesses are opting to start dark or cloud kitchens. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in most countries, restaurants are closed, though takeaways using a delivery service are allowed. Hence a business can contact PFC consulting to get advice on starting a cloud kitchen since they have extensive experience in the field.

How does a business start a dark kitchen?

First, the business involved in preparing food will have to consider the kitchen equipment which they already have. They will then have to decide what kind of food dishes, cuisines can be prepared with this equipment. The business should have an attractive name, logo so that the delivery service customer will easily notice it.

The business will also have to market their kitchen menu on social media and other marketing channels so that customers are aware of the business and order their food items. PFC offers consultancy to businesses so that they can develop a brand and menu for their cloud kitchen quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

Are they franchise options available?

Developing a separate cloud kitchen brand requires a lot of time and effort. Hence restaurants and other food-related businesses can opt to become a franchise of an existing cloud kitchen, which also has a menu and brand.

Using their extensive experience in the hospitality sector, PFC has developed four different types of cloud kitchens which they franchise. These kitchens are developed after considering the equipment already available and food dishes popular among people of different age groups and ethnic backgrounds.